Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Accidents and whatnot

Juli was bonking her brother on the head with blocks.  As a result, we decided she was not going to be able to play with the blocks for the rest of the night – a consequence she was NOT happy about, seeing as Mama and Daddy were building towers for the kids to knock over.  (A favorite before-bed game)  Until the block bonking started, she had really been enjoying it.  So she was very disappointed that she had to just watch Alex knock over the blocks.  Alex, of course, was having a blast knocking over every tower with squeals of delight.  But she decided to make the best of it…
“Go ahead, Alex,” Juli encouraged, “Knock it down!!”  In her excitement, she jumped and twirled, completely losing her balance and colliding with the tower, sending blocks scattering everywhere.  From the floor, she looked at us with wide and slightly guilty eyes, knowing that she had just knocked over the blocks when we had forbidden her to play with them. 
“It’s okay, Juli,” I said, “I know that was an accident.” 
Juli brightened up.  Neil and I picked up the blocks again and made another tower for Alex, who was disappointed that he hadn’t had the chance to knock it over.  Our daughter sidled up to her Daddy. 
“Uh, Daddy?” she said, “I am going to accidently dance around and brush against this tower again and I will knock it over and it will fall down, but it will be an accident!” 
<Sigh>  Missing the point, there, kid…

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