Monday, November 15, 2010

The Optimism of Children...

Neil was being cruel to Juli.  :-) 
"Look, Juli," he said, "That box that just came has a present for you in it, but you can't see it until Christmas!" 

Juli was suitably curious and really, REALLY wanted to open it right then.  I opened the box while they were out of the room, and noticed it came in a white box -- no distinguishing marks at all -- so I told them they could come back in. 

"Oh, Juli," said Neil, "Looks like it wasn't a present after all -- just a plain old box.  No present." 

Juli looked sad for a minute and then brightened up.  "Look, Daddy!" she said, "It's NOT just a box, there's BUBBLE WRAP to pop!!!" 

And now they're popping it.  :-)  So cute. 


  1. Its not always what is in the box that impresses them...usually it is the box or, in this case, the bubble wrap. Sometimes I wonder about all the toys we buy. Maybe this year it will just be boxes.

  2. I am thinking mine will be satisfied with bubble wrap!