Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A blogging we will go...

A casual observer would think, "Wow, Bethi has finally gotten with the times!  Starting a blog, what an incredibly trendy, hip thing to do!  Next thing you know, she'll start answering her phone when it rings!"  But this casual observer would be wrong.  I doubt I will ever start answering my phone. 

But yes, this is me, starting a blog.  Why?  Not sure.  Partly because I can.  Partly because my wordiness surpasses the capacity of Twitter and even Facebook status updates (what do you MEAN, I can only use 240 characters???  Who can update their status in only 240 characters???  )  And I suppose because part of me is wondering if I had a blog if anyone would read it.  I have been writing for myself all my life and have never felt compelled to share.  Guess that's because I never went to kindergarten. 

So here's to blogging!  (Although a student of mine has just informed me that it's really no longer "in."  Go figure...) 


  1. You are off to a great start. I have a blog too. Hugs and thanks for letting us know. Even if it isn't "IN" any longer. So what? We can still do it. I still listen to cassette tapes sometimes also. It doesn't hurt me and so far they haven't broken & still work....so why put them in the trash? HA HA....Hugs, Jannie